We know how challenging it can be to shop for shampoos for the family. Everybody has a different taste and even different hair needs. Nevertheless, sometimes it is easier to go with a one-size-fits-all product. In this case, a mild shampoo for frequent use, that does not leave the hair heavy, but light and comfortable. Do not worry, we guarantee it is easier than hitting the jackpot!

Indeed there are some shampoos that can be used by the entire family from 3 years old on. But, what do they have in common? Well, they were developed in a way that they are suitable for all skin types, they have a mild cleansing base and leave the hair soft and light.

Klorane Ultra-Gentle Shampoo with Oat Milk

Klorane Ultra-Gentle Shampoo with Oat Milk is a daily use shampoo for all hair types, even the most delicate ones, which softens, protects and detangles the hair. It can be used by the entire family, including children over three years old, to hydrate and preserve the natural balance of hair and scalp. The oat milk softens and protects, while inulin conditions and detangles the hair. With this product the hair recovers smoothness, flexibility and a healthy and radiant looking.

Ducray Extra-Doux Dermo-Protective Shampoo

Ducray Extra-Doux Dermo-Protective Shampoo is a shampoo for normal and delicate hair and is suitable for the whole family. This shampoo respects the scalp and restores vigor, beauty, and shine to the hair. Its biodegradable formula minimizes its impact on the environment. It doesn’t sting the eyes and can be used daily.

René Furterer Naturia Gentle Micellar Shampoo

René Furterer Naturia Gentle Micellar Shampoo is an extra-gentle shampoo that cleans the hair of the entire family from 3 years old. Thanks to micellar technology, it captures impurities without dehydrating the hair fiber or irritating the scalp. It can be used by all hair types and contains 98% of ingredients from natural origin. This shampoo for the family leaves the hair soft and silky.

Klorane Golden Highlights Shampoo with Chamomile

Klorane Golden Highlights Shampoo with Chamomile is a gentle shampoo for natural, color-treated and highlighted blond hair to light brown hair. It contains a gentle washing base enriched with styling agents and chamomile extract to help detangle, leaving the hair soft and radiant. This product is a light formula that does not weigh on the hair and is adequate for the entire family, over three years old. It adapts to the hair, facilitating the detangling and enhancing the hair volume, golden reflexes and shine.