It was not easy to reach an agreement between the team regarding which sunscreens we wouldn’t live without, but we managed to do it! So, get ready for this haul of sunscreens. Most of them you probably already know, since we have mentioned them a couple of times before. However, we also choose some of the new releases from this year!

ISDIN Fotoprotector Fusion Water SPF 50

ISDIN Fusion Water is an easy-to-like sunscreen. It has a fluid texture, that is easily spread on the skin and quickly absorbed. It is suitable for all skin types and includes safe eye tech so it does not sting the eyes. To sum up, it is a favorite of many people from our team with different skin types, because it provides very high sun protection in a light and comfortable formula.

Vichy Capital Soleil UV-Age Daily Water Fluid SPF50+

This one arrived and conquered our hearts immediately! With broad-spectrum sun protection, anti-aging action and a texture adapted to all skin types, Vichy managed to bottle everything we wanted in a sunscreen. Plus, it has a lightweight texture that is very easy to apply and an invisible finish.

Cantabria Heliocare 360 Color Gel Oil-Free SPF 50+ Beige

If you ask us for a sunscreen for combination to oily skin, we will probably say Heliocare 360 Gel Oil-Free. We particularly love this tinted version, since it covers imperfections that are so common on oily skin. This is an oil-free and mattifying sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection.

Uriage Bariésun Invisible Spray SPF 50+

Uriage Bariésun Spray has been renovated this year, still, it continues to be one of our favorites. This is a sunscreen for every occasion, very easy to apply due to its fluid texture and spray applicator, and with an invisible finish. This is the one to always have at home.

Piz Buin Tan&Protect Tan Accelerating Oil Spray SPF 30

Piz Buin is one of our go-to brands when we want a beautiful tan. This Tan & Protect Oil provides sun protection while also accelerating the tanning process. It will help you get a beautiful tan without compromising sun protection and skin health.

Eucerin Sensitive Protect Sun Spray Transparent SPF 50

One more body sunscreen, and this one we love because of the invisible finish. This Eucerin sunscreen is a transparent spray, easy to spread, and suitable even for sensitive skin!

We could go on and on about our favorite sunscreens, but we tried to keep the list short. However, if you have any questions regarding sunscreens, you can always reach out to us.