When going to the beach we are usually much more concerned about our skin than our hair. We pack our face sunscreen, body sunscreen, sometimes even a tan accelerator, or a different sunscreen for the kids… but we often forget the hair. And this is partially the reason why after Summer Holidays we feel like we need a massive haircut to take off all the split ends.

However, there is no need to be so dramatic! We can instead protect the hair so that it does not get so dry and damaged. But how?

First, protect the hair

In the same way, you take your sunscreen to the beach, also pack your hair sunscreen. Ideally, apply it before leaving the house. You can use it when you go to the beach or in your everyday life if you are often exposed to the sun.

Hair sunscreen usually is a spray with a milky or oily texture to help keep the hair fibers hydrated and protected. If your hair is dry we recommend an oily texture. On the other hand, if you have oily hair or thin hair, go for a lighter formula.

Don’t underestimate your hairbrush

Your hairbrush can help keep your hair in place but also preserve its health. Choose a hairbrush indicated for your hair type and brush the hair regularly and gently, especially after going for a swim. This way you can prevent hair breakage and damaged hair.

Detangle gently

To help detangle the hair, why not use a detangling spray? Bonus: it will hydrate the hair fiber, making the hair look and feel healthier and beautiful. Apply after a swim and detangle gently with a hairbrush.

Wash the hair with a hydrating shampoo

After a day at the beach or by the pool, the hair needs to recover from the salt, sun, and chlorine. So choose a hydrating and gentle formula to clean the hair while also caring. There are many you can choose from

Conditioner is essential

Conditioner is a plus, even more, if your hair is usually dry. Just before finishing your shower, apply the product to the hair lengths and ends and let it act. After removing it, you will notice that the hair is softer and nourished. The conditioner will also help prevent split ends and hair breakage.