One more addition to the Phyto Corrective range by Skinceuticals, This time a Mist…and we absolutely love mists, right?

Well, this one is a hydrating mist for all skin types. Its main goal is to soothe the skin and reduce redness. Plus, it reinforces the skin barrier to protect the most sensitive skin. As a mist, you do not need to touch the skin to apply it, which is great in case of redness and sensitive skin.


  • 5.75% Phyto-botanical blend of boldo leaves, cucumber, thyme, olive leaf, and rosemary extracts – soothe, and reduces redness
  • 6.2% Hyaluronic Acid and glycerin – hydrates the skin, improves the skin barrier, and prevents water loss through the skin

How to apply

It can be applied after the antioxidant serum in the morning, and also before the correction serum, in the evening. Plus, it can be applied over make-up to hydrate and refresh. Moreover, this product can also be applied after a laser procedure to reduce redness.