First of all, it is important to mention that having cellulite is absolutely normal! Many women have it too, so you aren’t alone! Now, you may or may not be willing to embrace it, that is up to you. However, if you are not a fan of cellulite, there are some things you should know.

Before we go on if you still have doubts concerning cellulite you can check our previous article What is cellulite? for an overall look at cellulite and what can you do on a daily basis to prevent it.

Moving on, there is no such thing as miracles. If cellulite is bothering you, you will have to commit in order to see results, meaning a smoother and more regular skin. Then, we can go on to what you can actually do. And here is where Elancyl comes in!

Elancyl – a reference in cellulite

Elancyl is a brand that has been dedicated to the well-being of women’s bodies for the past 45 years. Its mission is to offer women slimming products with proven efficacy to help them maintain their silhouette despite their age. Stubborn cellulite, stretch marks, and lack of firmness are some of the main targets of Elancyl products. The brand has its own slimming methodology, developed by Mr. Pierre-Fabre, that combines the power of the massage with powerful active ingredients and pleasant textures to offer women the best body care experience.

Elancyl Foaming Scrub

The first step to improving the skin’s appearance is to exfoliate it. So Elancyl Foaming Scrub is your go-to product. Keep it in the shower and once a week exfoliate the body’s skin to remove all dead cells so that the skin’s texture is smoother. Plus, it also provides freshness and radiance to the skin.

Elancyl My Coach

For daily application, Elancyl My Coach is ideal for sports enthusiasts since it multiplies by 4 the benefits of small physical efforts of day-to-day life, attenuating cellulite. To potentiate its effects apply it before going to the gym or playing sports. Formulated with Microalga Tsochrysis Lutea, caffeine, and ivy extract, which improves firmness and decreases the effect of “orange peel skin”. Do not forget to apply it with a vigorous massage!

Elancyl Slim Design

Another option for a daily application that is more focused on skin firmness. Elancyl Slim Design. has an immediate tightening effect that helps to improve skin firmness. With an extraordinary draining capacity, it reduces the excess storage of fats, enhancing the silhouette, especially at the level of the abdominal area, arms, and hips. 

A consistent application of cellulite dedicated products together with a massage on an everyday basis will for sure make a difference in the skin’s appearance. Let us know your feedback!