Hair loss is something we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives, and that’s why a majority of us know it’s not pleasant. However if you still have questions on hair loss, we recommend you take a look at some of our previous posts, like Why is my hair falling or Which hair loss product is best for you.

So, the industry is aware that hair loss is still a problem and therefore they keep on researching to find the best solutions.

Bioscalin – the innovative solution

Bioscalin is the result of research and it is an anti-hair loss care with innovative technology. It contains the molecule iSFRP-1 and iON technology for targeted and sustained release and maximum absorption. In addition, it has a light texture, non-greasy feeling, and does not weigh hair down.

Therefore, if you’re hair is under stress and because of that you are experiencing hair loss, weak hair, hair breakage, or slow hair growth, Bioscalin might just be what your hair is needs. With just one application per week, you may feel increased strength, thickness, and volume.

It is recommended that you apply 25 pressures once a week all over your hair, distributing them evenly. On first use, unlock the applicator by turning the base until you hear a click. The multipurpose applicator allows 1 application per week for 6 weeks. The brand claims that some results are visible from the first month, however, the product should be applied for 3 months.