Just as our skincare routine, also our haircare routine may need some adjustments to the cold weather. The lower temperatures and the wind may leave the hair drier and damaged, so it’s time we take action. We gathered some little Winter hair care tips and tricks to help you get through the cold weather with the perfect hair.

First: Winter hair needs protection!

To protect the hair from the cold and windy weather, we should keep it hydrated, especially the hair ends. All you need is a moisturizing leave-in product and apply it every day before leaving the house. It will protect the hair from external aggressions due to its hydrating properties.

Second: Adapt your hair wash routine

If you feel that the hair is getting drier, do not be afraid to try a more nourishing shampoo. There are so many options nowadays and perhaps the best to rebalance your hair might be to intercalate a more nourishing shampoo with frequent use or even a purifying shampoo. Do not give up on your hair!

Third: Do a hair mask once a week

Like skincare masks, hair masks can give a true boost of hydration and luminosity to the hair. So take a moment every week to apply a hair mask and let it sit for a few minutes before washing it away. You will feel your hair smoother and softer afterward.

Fourth: Lower the water temperature when you shower

High water temperature can make the hair brittle and more vulnerable to breaking. The ideal would be to wash the hair with lukewarm water and follow with a cool rinse instead.

Fifth: Avoid heating tools

Well, we all love a perfect blow-dry. However, when the hair is already delicate in the colder months, heat styling amplifies the issue and dehydrates the hair fibers. So, refrain from straightening or curling your hair during the winter, whenever possible. And when you do have to do it, use a thermal protection serum.

Do you have any extra tips on how to handle cold weather? Let us know!