Lierac Homme is one of the most desirable men’s lines in the French pharmacy. Recently, Lierac decided to reformulate this entire range to revitalize it after so many years untouched. Now, we want to see how it went and meet the new products.

If you have questions regarding men’s skin and how is it different from women’s, you can check our previous article on this topic. You will find that men’s skin has some specific characteristics and needs that justify the existence of product ranges dedicated to them.

Returning to the main topic, this new range hit our shelves at the end of last year, like an unexpected Christmas gift! Six multi-purpose, and efficient products to simplify men’s skincare routine, without compromising the results. Moreover, the products match three steps of the routine: hygiene, shaving, and care.


Both hygiene products are 3 in 1. The shower gel can be used on the face, body, and hair, so there is no need to use shampoo and shower gel. On the other hand, the deodorant has a triple action: antiperspirant, with 48H efficacy and anti-stain.


Both products have a triple action to make sure there is no need to use further products while shaving. The shaving foam is anti-irritation, smoothes and moisturizes the skin. Plus, the after-shave balm is also anti-irritation and also smoothes and moisturizes the skin. The skin will feel soft and smooth after shaving.


Two skincare products for different needs. If you feel your skin is tired and dull, then go with the Anti-fatigue gel since it has anti-fatigue action, moisturizes, and revitalizes the skin. On the other hand, if wrinkles and fine lines are a major concern, we would go with the anti-aging global fluid. It is an anti-wrinkles fluid that firms and moisturizes the skin.