Alessandro Spa is a german brand, founded by Silvia Troska, a trained beautician, in 1989. This feet care brand is characterized by providing its consumers with the latest trends in feet, and nail care. If you do not know this brand, we are here to help. Get ready to know how to take care of your feet at home. Therefore today we bring the three products you really need to know from Alessandro Spa. Are you ready?

Alessandro Spa One Minute Pedicure Foot Scrub

Undoubtedly, the feet scrub your feet have been asking for. It removes the dead cells from the skin surface to provide smoother and softer skin. With sea salt and shea butter, it exfoliates the feet’s skin but leaves it hydrated and comfortable.

Alessandro Spa Heel Smoothing Stick

The ideal product for dry and cracked heels. It contains panthenol, allantoin, and urea that immediately moisturize and nourish the skin to provide comfort. Therefore the skin is protected and smoothed. Its practical format and application make it perfect to carry on the purse and apply whenever necessary.

Alessandro Spa Nail Care Serum

A nourishing nail serum, specially formulated for the toenails. It contains biotin and micro silver in its composition to help protect the nails.

Besides these three products, there is a whole range of products dedicated to feet and nail care. So, we invite you to take a look at all of them here.