Black Friday is just around the corner and it is unquestionably the most important shopping event of the year. So, we know you are just waiting for the right moment to buy the beauty products that have been on your mind. It is much like a love affair… first, you meet each other, and then the courtship continues until the day you decide to take a step forward. And that might just be this black friday!

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Now it’s time to start preparing your cart for the big day!

Our 10 black friday beauty deals pick

Just like you, we also have some top picks for this Black Friday. Essential products in a skincare routine or small pampering that makes us feel powerful. So, we will share them with you so that you do not miss these incredible beauty deals.

Face skincare

These two serums are two novelties from this year. Vichy Minéral 89 is already a classic range from Vichy that everybody remembers when talking about skin hydration. Probiotic Fractions Concentrate Serum was this year’s addition to the range. Therefore it is on our wishlist for this Black Friday! Filorga is a premium french brand specialized in anti-aging products. Filorga Skin-Unify is their new range for dull skin with dark spots. Illuminating products to brighten our skin and our days!

In 2021, SVR has launched two eye contour ampoules to fulfill its ampoule range. This is the SVR Ampoule Refresh, great to use during the day and erase the tired look in the morning. This ampoule will smooth the eye contour skin and attenuate puffiness for a fresher eye contour area. On the other hand, we have a retinol serum by La Roche-Posay. Retinol is a trend ingredient at this point and every skincare fan knows the wonders it can do for the skin, so we could not leave it out. However, do not forget to always wear sunscreen.

Body care

As for body products, we have our eyes on these two highly moisturizing products. Cerave Body Lotion is a worldwide known product, effective when it comes to deeply hydrate the skin. It is loved not only for people with dry skin but also for everybody that enjoys body lotion. We have also selected the new Uriage Solid Cleansing Cream. It is a great solid option, since it not only cleans the skin, but also keeps it moisturized.

Hair care

We could not forget the hair, so here you have two very different options. First, a hair loss serum from Klorane. Hair loss is a concern for many people and this serum is a good option to combine with other anti-hair loss products. The second is a solid option to wash the hair. Foamie solid shampoos are widely known and they even have a practical shape and a ribbon that allows you to keep the product hanging.

To finalize, two food supplements arrived on our shelves just this year! Sugarbear Hair vitamins are vegan gummies to strengthen the hair and help it grow stronger and healthy. Lierac Arkéskin capsules are an oral supplement specially indicated for menopause. It helps to attenuate menopausal symptoms and reduce fatigue.

Well, that’s all! Our top 10 Black Friday Beauty picks are on the table! Get your shopping cart ready and enjoy this black weekend!

Pro Tip: Take advantage of Black Friday to shop for the Holidays!

Christmas is only one month away, so why not take advantage of Black Friday to do your Christmas shopping? There are gift sets for all your friends and family, regardless of their age or skin type. So, we leave you with some nice gift sets wrapped in beautiful boxes that will look heavenly under any Christmas tree.