This month we present you the new Cerave cleanser that has just landed on our shelves. If you are a fan of oil cleansers then this product is definitely for you. If you are not a fan, perhaps if you give this one a try you will change your mind. But, first, let’s see what is inside the bottle of the Cerave Hydrating Foaming Oil Cleanser.

Cerave Hydrating Oil Cleanser is indicated for normal to dry skin of the face and body. Plus, it is suitable for adults and babies from the 1st month. This product contains triglycerides, squalane oil, and 3 essential ceramides (1, 3 and 6-II).

Developed with Dermatologists, this Cleansing Oil has a unique formula in oil that forms foam. Therefore it cleans the skin gently, moisturizes and soothes without disturbing the skin barrier of the face and body. This formula combines two oils that replenish the skin’s natural moisture and 3 essential ceramides to help maintain the skin’s protective barrier.

How to apply?

  • Apply to wet skin and massage;
  • Rinse through water;
  • Avoid the eye contour. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.