We know that as much as we love a nice scented shower gel it is hard to find the time and sometimes also the motivation to do a complete body care routine. Nevertheless, it is important not to forget that our body’s skin requires our attention, too. Start small, just by being aware of which shower gel is better for your skin and then, start introducing other steps in your routine. Let’s see what you can do for your skin!

Bath or shower, whatever you prefer!

Well, we start-of with the easier step in the routine, since this is the one everyone does already. Nevertheless, not everyone takes the time to choose the shower gel. Did you know that the shower gel can help you feel more relaxed or revitalized? There are many scented shower gels with fragrances that will make you travel both in time and space and leave you full of good energy. The most important is that you choose a shower gel adequate for your skin. For instance, if you have very dry skin, an especially moisturizing product will be perfect.

One exfoliation a week will take you a long way

If you are still wondering why exfoliation is so important, we recommend you head over to our article on Exfoliation. It seems hard to implement yet another step in our routine, however, there are two things that will make it easier for you! First, you can do it in the shower. For that, leave the product side by side with your shower gel and it will also help you not to forget to use it. Secondly, you only have to do it once a week… how hard can it be?

Hydration is essential

Regardless of your skin type, hydration is the key to good-looking and healthy skin. Also, this is perhaps the most difficult step to follow in the routine. Apply a body lotion on a regular basis will take some commitment, but it will also leave your skin softer, protected, and comfortable. With so many textures and even fragrances available, we bet you can find one to your taste.

Tomorrow is a great day to start a new body care routine, don’t you agree? 🙂