Jean-François Lazartigue was a hairdresser from the 60s and one of the first to realize the benefits of botanical ingredients in hair health and to offer personalized care. With a strong preference for natural ingredients, he developed his first line of products, launched in 1976. The brand is characterized by four values: natural, vegan, premium, and expertise. Nowadays, Lazartigue still offers personalized diagnostics and botanical care for naturally beautiful hair.

J.F. Lazartigue Boost Hair Growth Oral Supplement Tablets

It is a food supplement indicated for both reactional hair loss or prolonged hair loss. It is formulated with arugula extract, which increases the hair bulb, promoting hair growth. In addition, it has zinc, selenium, and vitamin B8 that contribute to the maintenance of healthy hair fiber and also vitamins B6, E, and copper that increase the level of amino acids and contribute to the natural pigmentation of hair. A vegan formula, without artificial dyes or common allergens, contributes to faster and stronger hair growth.

J.F. Lazartigue Exfoliate Pre-Shampoo Scalp Exfoliating and Purifying Gel

This is a massage gel indicated for oily hair and oily scalp, with seborrheic tendency. It exfoliates and detoxifies, purifying the scalp. Due to its peeling effect, it refreshes and oxygenates the scalp, while regulating sebum production. Plus, this is the ideal care for hair that quickly becomes oily and provides a purifying sensation. It is a vegan massage gel, without sulfates or silicones, and high tolerance.

J.F. Lazartigue Rebalance Shampoo for Oily Roots and Dry Ends

This is a shampoo that gently washes while balancing excessive oil production at the root and moisturizes the length and ends. Eliminates impurities from the root, purifying it, and treats dry ends. It is indicated for oily hair with dry ends. With a mild Mediterranean scent, with fresh notes of mint and orange and floral touches, it provides a sense of balance, from the roots to the tips. It is a vegan shampoo, without sulfates or silicones, which has a high tolerance.

J.F. Lazartigue Fortify Fortifying Shampoo Anti-Hair Loss Complement

This is a shampoo indicated as a complement to progressive and reactive hair loss. Indicated for fragile hair, it stimulates the healthy growth of hair fiber. Formulated with guarana and castor extract, it fortifies hair and improves scalp health. With a fresh gel texture, it has a pleasant mint fragrance, with light notes of lemon. Leaves hair deeply clean, fortified, and protected.

J.F. Lazartigue Nourish High Nutrition Conditioner Dry and Tick Hair

It is a conditioner suitable for dry hair and thick hair, which detangles and nourishes in-depth, while discipline and restores flexibility to the hair. Returns lost lipids to the hair, nourishing from the hair fiber, making it flexible and disciplined. In addition, it limits capillary breakage. With a pleasant scent of vanilla and musk, it still has some notes of toasted macadamia seeds. It is a vegan conditioner, without sulfates or silicones, which has a high tolerance.

J.F. Lazartigue Colour Protect Mask Color-Treated Hair

This is a hair mask especially suitable for dyed hair or colored hair, which seals the scales of the hair fiber, preventing the elimination of color pigments. Moisturizes in-depth, while giving shine and luminosity to the hair. With an enveloping texture, it prevents the color from fading early. With a soft perfume with delicate floral notes, it provides a clean feeling. It is a vegan hair mask, without sulfates or silicones, which has a high tolerance.

J.F. Lazartigue Repair Intensive Mask Damaged and Sensitized Hair

This mask is suitable for damaged hair and sensitized hair since it regenerates and strengthens the hair fiber while washing deeply. It avoids the breakdown of the hair fiber, involving and moisturizing it, giving the hair a strengthened, shiny, and vitalized appearance. Indicated for hair exposed to many chemical aggressions, such as coloring and discoloration, and to mechanical aggressions, such as brushings, since it protects the hair. With a pleasant intense floral perfume and notes of noble white flower, it leaves the hair soft and revitalized. A vegan hair mask, without sulfates or silicones, with high tolerance.

J.F. Lazartigue Repair Intensive Mask Damaged and Sensitized Hair

It is a serum indicated to attenuate reactive hair loss. It works by stimulating microcirculation, strengthening the hair fiber, and revitalizing the hair. Hair loss is reduced, making hair stronger, dense, and healthier. Formulated with red clover extract, Capixyl (2.5%), and Neutrazen, it strengthens and revitalizes hair, reducing temporary hair loss.

J.F. Lazartigue Volumize Volume Hairspray Fine and Flat Hair

This is a texturizing spray suitable for thick hair, which provides body, volume, and density to the hair. The hair gains a natural shine, texture, and body since this spray performs a lifting effect on the roots. With densifying capillary polymer, it re-densifies and softens the hair, giving it lasting volume. In addition, it reduces static electricity and untangles hair. With a perfume with citrus and floral notes, it leaves a revitalizing sensation in the hair.

J.F. Lazartigue Dry Oil Nourishing

It is a very nourishing oil that softens all types of hair. It is very versatile care, which can be used in different ways. As a pre-shampoo, on dry hair, to nourish and smooth; before brushing, to untangle and straighten the hair; after brushing, to provide luminosity to the hair; and also as a mask that works all night, for in-depth nutrition. With a dry touch, it can be used on all hair that needs extra nutrition, without making them heavy. Enriched with argan oil, peach oil, camellia oil, and Egyptian geranium, it is complete hair care.

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