We all know that pimples are that undesirable surprise that appears just a few days before we have an event or a moment when we really want to look good. Even though sometimes we are the only ones noticing our pimples, the truth is we will be worried about it until it completely disappears.

So what should we do? Should we just let it be and perhaps try to cover it with make-up or is there something we can do to make it go away faster? Well, the good news is there are indeed some things that might help the pimple go away faster.

Let’s recap the basics: remove make-up and clean the skin every day with a gentle cleanser. Use a moisturizer and sunscreen adapted to your skin type. Plus, exfoliation and purifying masks can help to control skin oiliness if used correctly and weekly. If you are doing your routine right and still a spot appears, then you need SOS care.

What you should not do to a pimple

When you have a pimple you should NOT squeeze the pimple or rub the spot. For most people, it is tempeting to squeeze the pimple or to touch the area with the fingers. However, it is not recommended. In fact, it may worsen the situation and make the area more inflammed.
On the other hand, what you should do is firstly refrain from touching the pimple and secondly apply specific localized application care to help dry the pimple.

SOS pimple care products

Fortunately, the cosmetic industry knows how much we want to get rid of our pimples. Therefore we have many options available of products meant to be applied directly on the pimple.
Some examples of this type of product are:

All of them are meant to be applied only on the pimple or spot. Their goal is to dry the pimple and reduce it until it completely disappears. Three SOS products for whenever you need an extra help dealing with spots.