When the sun sets and we return home from a long and satisfying day at the beach is time to take care of our skin. After a day under the sun, our skin needs a little help to repair and be ready to face the next day. We would say the keywords are moisturizing and repair. But where to start?

Bath Care

After a day at the beach or by the pool, a cooling and relaxing shower is everything we need. The shower will help to remove any residue of sunscreen, sea salt, or chlorine. We should go for a gentle and moisturizing shower gel. If you love a good summer fragrance, both Nuxe and Caudalie have great options that will make you think you are still at the beach. If you prefer a revitalizing shower, go with this Jowaé shower gel.

Face Care

After a nice shower, it’s time to hydrate our skin, starting with our face. You will notice most after sun lotions can be used both on the face and body. However, we wanted to leave some options for the face. This mist from Uriage Bariésun is very practical and can be used on the face and body. Lierac Sunissime Serum is ideal for anyone worried about skin aging. It can easily replace your night serum to help repair and refresh the skin while also fighting skin aging signs. Lastly, Vichy SOS Balm is here because we know sometimes the skin gets a little redder than what we would like, both in the face and body. So, this balm is a nice option for when that happens.

After Sun Lotion

Applying a moisturizing and repairing lotion is a must after a day of sun exposure. There are lots of options depending on your personal taste. Refreshing gels, tan-prolonging lotions, or nourishing creams are just some examples. You can check our selection of after-sun lotions here.