The importance of wearing sunscreen is widely known and we all can understand why it is so important to protect our skin from the harmful effects of sun radiation. Furthermore, dermatologists and skin experts agree that sunscreen is probably the best antiaging product ever and that it is a must-have on all skincare routines. However, there is a part of our body that we often neglect when it comes to sun protection: the hair and scalp.

Even though we are not so aware of the importance of protecting the hair and scalp, the truth is they are just as exposed to the sun as our face and body skin. Sun exposure can weaken and dry the hair leaving it more fragile. Plus, the scalp’s skin is just as susceptible to skin cancer as any other part of our body.

This is why it is so relevant that we use a hat or cap. Nevertheless, the hair might be exposed to the sun and seawater. Therefore a complete beach bag does not miss a hair sunscreen. These products hydrate the hair and also protect it from the aggressions caused by UV rays and seawater. They can be applied before sun exposure and reapplied as many times as needed to keep the hair healthy and beautiful.

If you are worried that they leave the hair oily or greasy, there’s nothing to worry about. Nowadays there are many options, from oils to fluids and mists, we are sure you will find a comfortable texture for your hair.

Our hair sunscreen suggestions

Six wonderful hair sunscreens for your choice. Whether you have dry or oily hair, there is a product for you. In case you have drier hair, we recommend you choose an oil texture. It will nourish the hair while protecting it. In case your hair usually feels oily, choose a lighter texture, a mist, so that it keeps the hair hydrated without weighting.