This month we present you a selection of lifting serums. Highly sought after by women, these products attempt to reproduce the effect of a cosmetic procedure of facelift. However, we must remember that they are only cosmetics. Therefore, we must adjust our expectations before buying a lifting serum. That being said, these are effective products that with continuous use will help prevent and reduce sagging, promoting a feeling of firm and lifted skin.

Lierac Lift Integral Superactivated Lift Serum

Key benefits: revitalizes the face oval, improves skin elasticity and firmness

Main components: Mahogany extract, Purple Tulip Extract, Hyalu-3 Concentrate, Pea peptide

Lierac Lift Integral Superactivated Lift Serum is a firmness enhancer that acts on signs of aging installed such as sagging, loss of volume, and wrinkles. Moreover, this product was inspired by the combination of aesthetic lifting and injection techniques. Consequently, it consists of a mahogany extract with lift effect, purple tulip extract with volumizing action, Hyalu-3 concentrate with anti-aging action and pea peptide with reinforced tension and volume action. 

Filorga Lift-Designer Serum Ultra-Lifting

Key benefits: lifting effect, improves skin firmness

Main components: Microalgae, Arabinoxylan, Growth factors, Collagen, Hyaluronic acid

Filorga Lift-Designer Ultra-Lifting Serum is a serum for all skin types that fights the signs of aging and gives the skin a lifting effect. This effect is due to the enormous capacity of the product to increase the firmness of the skin. As a result, the contours are more defined and the volume of the skin is reinforced.

Caudalie Resveratrol Lift Instant Lifting Serum

Key benefits: produces a powerful lifting effect, potentiates the V shape on the face

Main components: Olive squalene, Resveratrol, Hyaluronic acid, Vegan collagen booster

Caudalie Resveratrol Lift Instant Lifting Serum is an anti-aging serum, suitable for all skin types. Meant for daily application, it acts on skin spots, wrinkles, evens skin tone and restores luminosity. In addition, it has a powerful lifting effect that causes a return to the V shape on the face. Resveratrol from the vine causes an increase in the production of hyaluronic acid. Product with 97% products of natural origin.