Lierac is synonymous of innovation

Lierac is a french skincare brand founded in 1975 by a physician specialist in aesthetic medicine. The brand has been integrated into the Alès Groupe, in 1979, and has been growing inside this company since then. Recently Alès Groupe was acquired by Laboratoire Native. Characterized by its innovative spirit, commitment to scientific research, and a strong connection with aesthetic medicine techniques, Lierac has the effectiveness, safety, and ethics of its products as its main purposes.

The founder of Laboratories Lierac Paris was a precursor of aesthetic medicine in France and a founding member of the French Society of Aesthetic Medicine. He has the conviction that dermo-cosmetics should rely on specific, concentrated active components, derived from the latest medical discoveries and clinically proven.

With more than 40 years of experience and innovation, this brand commits to intense scientific research, without compromising its sensorial properties, providing pleasurable textures, unforgettable scents, and beautiful packagings.

Scientific Research in the genesis of every product

Always looking to developed state-of-the-art skincare based on the most recent medical research, Lierac Laboratories has partnerships with many scientific research institutions. For instance, the INSERM, the French Society for Extracellular Matrix Biology, the Ophthalmological Foundation Adolphe De Rothschild, and also the CNRS.

Lierac cult products

This is a brand made of cult products with great history. All of them know by its exquisite sensory properties combined with proven efficacy. It could only result in true best-sellers. The brand is known especially for its anti-aging ranges, body care products, and sunscreens.

Anti-aging skincare

Innovation is at the heart of the brand as well as healthy skin aging. The brand promotes skincare for all ages and gives us everything we need to prevent skin aging signs. However, some ranges do stand out. For example, the Premium range is a global anti-aging range loved worldwide. Arkéskin was one of the first skincare lines developed for menopause women. And Hydragenist… the dream of every 20-year-old girl… comfortable and unforgettable products yet full of efficacy to hydrate and prevent wrinkles.

Specific skincare

Lierac is not only made of anti-aging but also a strong concern with the overall well-being of the skin. As a result, throughout the years many products for specific skin conditions were developed. For instance, products for dark spots as the Lumilogie range. But we can also find the Mésolift range for lack of luminosity and the Diopti range dedicated to eye contour care.

Body care

Last but certainly not least, Lierac’s body products. The body-slim is a must-have for everyone fighting cellulite, whereas Phytolastil, one of the first products of the brand, as been reinvented recently to fight stretch marks even better than before. There is also the Sunissime range of sunscreens and after-sun products. With a pleasant fragrance and delicate textures, these products are super easy to apply and great to carry on the beach bag.