Dry shampoos are not fully understood by many of people. “Do they substitute hair wash?” or “Do they really clean the hair?” are just some of the usual questions. We have information to provide you on this one. Keep reading to know all about dry shampoo.

First of all, what is dry shampoo?

Dry shampoos are powders or liquids of quick evaporation, which do not require rinsing. They are sprayed on the hair, allowing to remove excess sebum and oil. Typically these products contain:

  • Oil-absorbing powders, such as starch, clay or talc;
  • Abrasive materials, such as silica, to remove dirt;
  • Alkaline agents, such as boric acid or sodium carbonate;
  • Alcohol;
  • Propellant gases;
  • Other additives.

How does dry shampoo work?

The shampoo is sprayed on the scalp, allowing it to contact for a specified period of time. Thus, the alcohol in the formula dissolves the substances and oiliness that are present, which can then be absorbed by an absorbent powder. The alcohol evaporates quickly, leaving the absorbent ingredient on the scalp, with the oil incorporated inside it. This is then removed by brushing the hair. Therefore this step is extremely important and must be carried out carefully so that it is possible to remove all the shampoo from the hair. However, dry shampoos do not remove dirt, skin scales, and chemicals that are present in the hair.

This is exactly why dry shampoos are mostly loved by people with oily hair. Since it absorbs sebum from the scalp, it can be a great help to increase the time between hair washes.

How to apply dry shampoos?

Generally, you should always hold the dry shampoo about 15 centimeters away from your scalp. Spray your hair rooths, streak by streak, lifting the hair. Then let it act for about 2 minutes and then carefully brush the hair. We recommend that your ready the instructions of use of your dry shampoo before applying it, to make sure you are doing correctly.

Our suggestions

Of course oily hair is more likely to enjoy dry shampoos, since it helps to remove oiliness. Nonetheless, all hair types may benefit from dry shampoos and enjoy it. Just give it a try!