A long healthy hair is beautiful to see. On the other hand, long hair with dry and split-ends is something we don’t like to see. Even though all hair types can benefit from the same basic care, if you want to keep your hair long and healthy there are some things you should take into consideration. That is why we gathered a list of tips to deal with long hair.

Invest in conditioners

Conditioners are key to long hair. They keep the hair soft and smooth, make it easier to brush and style. They can be applied during the shower or afterward if it is a leave-in product.

If you choose a wash-off conditioner, do not forget to dry as much water as you can from your hair before applying the product. This will help the conditioner penetrate the hair fiber.

The leave-ins will stay on the hair strands for longer and will also help your hair to set while air drying, since heating tools, should be avoided as we will see below.

Do not forget your scalp

The scalp is where the hair roots are. So, in order for hair to be healthy, our scalp needs to be healthy as well. Take some time to massage the scalp and observe its condition, if it’s dry, oil,y or even balanced. This will help you to know your scalp better and the massage is a good way to stimulate blood flow on the scalp for healthier hair roots.

Choose a good hairbrush

Brushing the hair is a great way to spread the hair’s natural oils through the hair fibers, top to bottom. The hairbrush should be adapted to your hair if it is thin or thick.

Do not underestimate the potential of brushing your hair frequently. The hair will be more protected and therefore look healthier.

Stay away from complicated hairstyles

Elaborated hairstyles can be nice to have, however they can seriously damage the hair and scalp. If the hair is pulled and pushed constantly, it may start to break. Stressing the hair with tight ponytails, buns or braids may not only break the hair fiber but also damage the hair follicles. If you really wish for an intricated hairstyle, go for a loosen one, that will not cause as much stress on the hair.

Avoid heating tools

Heating tools on a regular basis never helped a long hair. Leave them for special occasions and avoid them in your everyday life. In addition, letting the hair air dry as much as you can is the best option. If it is not possible for you, use your hair drier at the coolest temperature to help dry it quicker.

Get your regular trim

No matter how careful we are in the treatment of our hair, split ends always appear when we are growing hair. It is time to go to the hairdresser and cut them before the separation of the fiber at the tip extends through the rest of the hair shaft. Plus, cutting the split ends will immediately give your hair a stronger, healthier look. I guess that is the best reason why you should not skip the regular trim.

Protect the hair

Every hair, no matter how long, needs protection from external aggressions. We have mentioned above that brushing the hair is a good way to protect it because it spreads the hair’s natural oils through the hair fiber. Nevertheless, tehre are other ways to protect the hair. For instance, when exposing the hair intensively to the sun, apply a sunscreen on the hair strands.