The beginning of a family history

SVR is a french skincare brand created in 1962 by the pharmacists Simone and Robert Véret. The goal of the couple, at the time, was to formulate dermatological products with effective active ingredients at the highest concentration possible without compromising the skin’s tolerance.

This French brand has passed from generation to generation, involving the son and later the grandson of the founding couple. The history of this family is intertwined with the history of the brand itself. And what a success story it is.

In 2015, SVR suffered a rebranding and continued to develop innovative products, always aligned with its fundamental values.

Available in more than 35 countries, this brand has effective dermatological solutions for all skin types, so that dermatology contributes to beauty and wellness. Nowadays, the brand has ranges for acne, atopic skin, aging, sensitive skin, dehydrated skin, among other skin conditions.

SVR keeps its compromise with skin tolerance. Therefore, all the products are tested on sensitive skin and the formulas are developed in order to maximise its tolerance.

The ranges you need to know

[A], [B3], [C]

This range was a breath of fresh air for the brand. 3 concentrated ampoules dedicated to different skin aging signs, because lack of luminosity, wrinkles, and pores are common concerns. These three initial ampoules are no longer alone on these range, as it has been growing. Now, [A], [B3], [C] also contains an ampoule with SPF, 2 eye contour ampoles, one essence and skin masks. All these products can be combined to give your skin everything it needs.


This range is a reference on the brand’s portfolio. It is a line dedicated to mature skin, to make you feel comfortable and beautiful. This product line tones and redefines facial contours so that the skin is fuller and the face oval defined. In consequence, these are the ideal products for everyone with advanced signs of aging.


Topialyse is undoubtedly a reference on atopic skin. Atopic skin requires special daily care and adequate products. Aware of that, the brand created a complete line of face and body products for all the needs of atopic skin and the entire family.


Dry, scaly skin prone to psoriasis, dry feet, and calluses need an adequate response. SVR answered the call and created Xérial! This range exfoliates and softens the skin to prevent and combat the thickening of the skin and the formation of calluses.

Sun Secure

Sun secure is the brand’s range dedicated exclusively to sun protection. A range full of textures and summer scents to accompany the whole family during the summer, but also to protect the face all year round. With so many comfortable textures, the only difficulty is to choose.

There is a lot more to say about SVR and its products, that is for sure. We recommend that you take a look at these dermatological products on our website to get more acquainted with the brand.