As the years go by, the first aging signs start to appear on our skin. However, often they are accompanied by skin imperfections very much like the ones we had in our teen years. But how to deal with them both? Filorga has the answer!

The French brand Filorga has thought about this and came up with a new range of products to fight both imperfections and the first skin aging signs. For the correction of imperfections, this range contains Dermo-Rescue Complex with 5 micro-peeling acids, zinc, and a purifying plant extract. On the other hand, to correct wrinkles, it contains Hyaluro-Youth Complex in its composition with hyaluronic acid, smoothing tripeptide, and a restructuring glycopeptide.

The range is composed of four products, one cleansing gel, one serum, one fluid, and a skin mask. All of them have double action.

Filorga Age-Purify Smoothing Purifying Cleansing Gel

Key benefits: deep cleansing action, removes make-up

Main Components: Dermo-Rescue Complex, Hyaluro-Youth Complex, Polysaccharides

Enjoy a fresh face wash with this green gel! It transforms into ultralight foam to clean and remove make-up from the face. Plus, cleansing the skin is beneficial both for imperfections and skin aging signs. Even more, if it is done with a purifying and plumping cleansing product that leaves the skin comfortable.

Filorga Age-Purify Intensive Double Correction Serum

Key Benefits: reduces hyperkeratinization
with rebalancing effect

Main components: Dermo-Rescue Complex, Hyaluro-Youth Complex, Achiote

This is a non-comedogenic serum with a light hydrating texture. The goal is to leave the skin mattified and correct wrinkles and blemishes. In addition, this is an intensive serum, highly concentrated in the star ingredients of this range.

Filorga Age-Purify Double Correction Fluid

Key Benefits: anti-pollution action, hydrates and mattifies the skin

Main components: Dermo-Rescue Complex, Hyaluro-Youth Complex, Polysaccharide

A hydrating and non-comedogenic fluid with mattifying effect for double correction action. Plus, it acts as an anti-pollution shield to protect the skin from external aggressions during daily life. In consequence, it leaves the skin comfortable and hydrated all day long.

Filorga Age-Purify Double Correction Mask

Key benefits: renews the skin, absorbs and mattifies

Main components: Dermo-Rescue Complex, Hyaluro-Youth Complex, white clay, mastic

A green creamy clay mask that contains the star ingredients of the brand, to apply twice a week. In addition, it contains mastique with immediate renew effect and white clay with absorbing and mattifying effect. In consequence, after the removal of the mask, the skin is mattified.

What are you waiting to try this new Filorga anti-aging range?