The New Year is just around the corner and we wanted to let you know a little more about what is on our minds for 2021. We gathered our team’s wishes in 12 beauty wishes for 2021. I am sure you can relate to some of them. And may all your wishes come true!

– New Year = new brands on my Beauty Bloom

This is an obvious one, right? As you can imagine, we want to grow our portfolio of products and having new brands on our catalog is part of our path. Plus, we know you love some good news! Let’s see what 2021 has in store for us!

If there is a brand you would like to see on my Beauty Bloom, send us a message with your suggestion.

– Sustainability

Sustainability is a trend that will keep on rising through 2021 and we do not want to miss this train. We already have some eco-friendly brands in our catalog, which are doing some amazing work. Nevertheless, for next year, we would like to increase my Beauty Bloom’s offer of brands concerned with sustainability.

In addition, we would also like to improve our internal practices to make them more sustainable. For instance, at our warehouse we already recycle, mostly paper and plastic, however, we would like to implement wider recycling and waste separation habits. So, you can expect to hear more about our sustainability path in 2021.

– More incredible Giveaways

Our Marketing Team is preparing great surprises for 2021, that we can assure you! They take every chance to give you some cool products for free and to gift you some nice beauty treats. Their heads are full of ideas for the new year and the giveaways are already on their to-do list!

– Less “Maskne”

Masks will still have an important place in our daily routine, however, that does not mean that we have to keep dealing with maskne. With the right routine and some extra care is possible to significantly control maskne. You know our skincare experts are always ready to help you through the chat on our website, right?

– Never skip cleansing

Well, this only depends on ourselves and our commitment to our skin. No matter how tired we are at night or how late we are in the morning, skincare has to be a priority. If you face it that way, as an important part of your daily life, it will quickly become indispensable and this beauty wish will come true.

– A gold and shimmering tan

For some of us, just having something that resembles a tan would be nice, let alone a gold and shimmering tan. If that is your case, I feel you! Nevertheless, there are things we can do to have a more beautiful tan, lighter, or darker. Read our article on How to prolong your holiday tan and start working on it.

– Glowing skin everyday on the New Year

We all wish for that healthy glow, right? The kind of glow that is so nice we don’t even feel the need to wear make-up. Remember we have a section dedicated to Glowing skin with some products that might help you make this wish come true.

– More “good hair” days

Hair sometimes has its own will, right? And that does not make things easier for us. So, this wish makes perfect sense, our hair just has to cope with it!

– The French girl effortless look

Women all over the world dream of achieving this look. Truth be told, for most, it is the holy grail of beauty. French women are known for their extreme care for their skin and the buzz around the french pharmacy brands is not exaggerated. They manage to look good without looking like they have made an effort to look that good, makes sense? Well, they do it as if it was easy, but I know many women who would agree it is everything but easy.

For starters, you can invest in your skin. Good-looking skin is the base of every french girl’s look. They aim for healthy and luminous skin so that they can look good with little make-up or even none. Besides caring for your skin, you should also care for your hair so that it is healthy and strong, beautifully framing your face without giving you too much work in the morning. The type of healthy hair that if you are tousled, you will look sexy and not crazy. To help, check our French Pharmacy section with a curated selection of products I’m sure you will love.

– More relaxing moments to pamper the skin

Organize your life and learn how you can better manage your time. Only when you manage your time well, you will find the time to do everything you would like to, including pampering your skin. Start with small steps. For example, try taking 15 minutes for yourself each Sunday, light a candle you like, apply a skin mask, and just relax.

-More Family & friends moments

This is something that we had to give up a lot during 2020 and that we want to recover in 2021. So, hopefully, in 2021 we will be able to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and all other special days together, just like we did before.

– And… health, of course

Well, it is the issue of the moment, isn’t it? More than ever we value our health and well-being. So, for 2021 we wish health for each and every person in the world. We have to stay safe and strong to face this Coronavirus pandemic. Take care of yourself!

See you in the New Year!