Taking care of our hair is for many women an essential part of their daily lives. Hair frames our face and it can definitely influence how we feel about ourselves. All reasons to take good care of hair. But this time, instead of being us providing advice on haircare, we wanted to hear your opinion, your absolute favs. So we checked which 5 hair products you loved in 2020 on my Beauty Bloom. Let’s check them out!

J.F. Lazartigue Boost Hair Growth Oral Supplement Tablets

Key benefits: faster and stronger hair growth

Main components: Arugula Extract, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin B8, Vitamins B6, Vitamin E, Copper

This one was a true best-seller at my Beauty Bloom this year, so it would have to be on top of the list! It is a food supplement for hair loss both reactional hair loss or prolonged hair loss. It helps to eliminate nutritional deficiencies that are commonly associated with hair loss. The nutrients that compose the formula increase the hair bulb to promote hair growth, contribute to natural hair pigmentation, and also keep the hair healthy and strong.

René Furterer Complexe 5 Stimulating Plant Extract Pre-Shampoo Concentrate

Key benefits: restores vitality to hair

Main Components: Orange essential oil, Lavender essential oil

It is is a hair tonic that regenerates hair and restores vitality. Consequently, it has invigorating and stimulating properties, thanks to the essential oils of orange and lavender. Returns strength to hair. Consisting of 100% natural ingredients. The hair becomes stronger, beautiful and vigorous.

Phyto Phytoapaisant Anti-Itch Treatment Serum

Key benefits: soothes the scalp and reduces itching, returning comfort

Main Components: Jujube Bark Extract, Linden and Passionflower Extraction

This serum is suitable for sensitive scalp and irritated scalp, regardless of the hair type. With 97% ingredients of natural origin, it gives smoothness and reduces itching on the scalp. The jujube extract in its composition reduces the sensation of discomfort, while the extraction of linden and passionflower have soothing properties. Therefore, this serum provides an immediate sensation of freshness to the scalp that helps to relieve discomfort.

Vichy Dercos Energizing Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

Key benefits: stimulates the root, preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth

Main Components: Aminexil

A shampoo that is indicated as a complementary treatment in anti-hair loss care since it contains Aminexil, the reference molecule in this range of products. Indicated for both men and women, it prevents hair loss, since it stimulates the activity of the root, increasing the useful life of the hair fibers. In addition, it favors hair growth and strengthens hair fibers. With a fluid texture, easy to apply, it returns shine and vitality to the hair.

Klorane Vinegar Shine Rinse with Chamomile

Key benefits: lightens and brightens blond highlights, smoothes the hair and enhances shine

Main Components: Chamomile extract, Vinegar, Cationic complex

Last, but not least, this Klorane vinegar was also one of your favourites in 2020. It takes care of the golden reflections of natural, colour-treated or highlighted blond to brown hair. This product smoothes scales, instantly lightens hair and makes detangling easier. The chamomile extract highlights blond hair, the vinegar purifies the scalp and adds shine to the hair and the cationic complex helps to detangle the hair. This formula makes the hair instantly brighter, detangled and easy to style.

Do you have a favourite? Let us know all about it!