After the success of the [A] [B3] [C] range with ampoules, masks, and even essence, now SVR launches a new range to complement the daily skincare routine: Biotic. Four regenerating cares for four different kinds of skin concerns that can be combined with the entire [A] [B3] [C] range to build a skincare routine.

Every one of these new regenerating products can be combined with the already existing [A], [B3], and [C] ampoules for a daily routine that can be complemented with the masks and essence from the same range. However, if you would like to know more about the SVR [A], [B3], and [C] range, check our posts about the ampoules and the masks and essence.

SVR Biotic [Cera] Regenerating Filling Balm

Key benefits: comfortable skin for 24 hours, nourishes and regenerates the skin

Main components: hyaluronic acid BPM 0.1%, vitamin C stabilized 2%, babaçu butter 5% and ceramides 0.175%

86% of ingredients from natural origin in a balm texture to deeply nourish the skin. Consequently, this balm is ideal for skin suffering from dryness, wrinkles, and loss of firmness.

SVR Biotic [Hyalu] Regenerating Plumping Gel

Key benefits: plumped skin for 48 hours, hydrates and regenerates the skin

Main components: Probiotics, hyaluronic acid BPM 0.1%, vitamin C stabilized 2% and hyaluronic acid MPM 0.4%

80% of ingredients from natural origin in a gel texture help to relieve pulling and heat sensations. Therefore, it provides the necessary comfort for the skin to face external aggressions. This is the ideal daily care in case of skin dehydration, wrinkles, and fine lines.

SVR Biotic [Pepti] Regenerating Smoothing Matt Gel

Key benefits: regenerates the skin, smooths its texture and keeps the skin matified throughout the day

Main components: probiotics, hyaluronic acid BPM 0.1%, vitamin C stabilized 2%, peptides 2%

This matte-gel contains 92% of ingredients from natural origin and has a light and non-sticky texture, easy to apply. The peptides in its composition help to control sebum production and smooth the skin texture. Therefore this is the ideal care for skin with wrinkles but also with open pores and imperfections.

SVR Biotic [C2O] Regenerating Radiance Cream

Key benefits: regenerates and energizes the skin and keeps the skin luminous for 24 hours

Main components: probiotics, 0.1% BPM hyaluronic acid, 2% stabilized vitamin C and vitamin E microspheres

Containing 85% of ingredients from natural origin, this is a true revitalizing cream. Thanks to the stabilized vitamin c in its composition, it has a strong antioxidant action and also evens the skin tone and provides luminosity, On the other hand, the vitamin E microspheres protected on a capsule only release its antioxidant power when applied on the skin, for an energizing action. This Biotic is the ideal choice for when the skin is dull and tired and has wrinkles and dark spots.

Which one is the perfect choice for you? Let us know your feedback on this new range.