Today we celebrate World Children’s Day as established in 1954. This day was created to internationally promote children’s rights and well-being. World Children’s Day is not only a celebration but also a reminder that children need to be cared for. Therefore, we decided to present to you three baby skincare brands that will help you take care of your children from their first day of life.

Babies’ and children’s sensitive and demanding skin needs the most delicate care. Protect and reinforce are therefore key words in daily care. Soft textures, highly hydrating and soothing, to protect the skin from day one. But if you have little ones in your house, we are sure that none of this is news for you!

Nevertheless, keep on reading, to know more about three of our favorite baby skincare ranges!

Bioderma ABCDerm

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The range ABCDerm is one of the stars of Bioderma. which is loved by both mothers and children. Firstly, this Bioderma baby skincare range was developed for the sensitive skin of babies and children. Secondly, it is a complete line from hygiene to hydrating and diaper change products. Bioderma tries to achieve the softest and soothing care for the baby’s skin while keeping the practical and easy-to-use spirit of the products. See below some of our favorites:

Isdin Baby Skincare

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The brand ISDIN is widely known by its baby and children skincare ranges: Nutraisdin and Nutratopic.

Nutraisdin is ideal for the daily care of baby skin since it is a complete line of products to protect and soothe the skin. In addition, it contains hygiene, hydrating, and photoprotection products. So, it has everything a baby’s skin needs from day one.

Nutratopic includes extremely hydrating products that reinforce the skin’s defenses. The goal is to improve every sign of atopic dermatitis, as itching, pruritus, reactivity, and dryness, and soothe the skin. Many children have these skin conditions from an early age, so they need to be addressed as soon as possible. Nutratopic products can be applied since the first day of life to relieve any itching, dryness, or discomfort.

Below you can check some of the well-known products from these ranges:

Uriage Bébé

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This is a range of dermatological care for the fragile and sensitive skin of babies. As is usual in Uriage, these products are enriched with Uriage thermal water. Uriage Bébé is a very complete range with diaper change creams, cleansing creams, and oils, thermal water, wipes, and moisturizers. These products are developed with high tolerance to guarantee that they are ultra-gentle on the skin. Check below some of the products:

Are you a fan of any of these brands? Tell us your experience with these products!