Papillon is a brand developed from men to men, founded in 2016. Specialist in men’s skincare and grooming products, the brand has been growing both in the number of available products and in its international recognition. Inspired by sophisticated men, this is a modern, premium, and innovative brand.

Created in British Laboratories, the London brand represents a whole lifestyle: the 21st century modern and sophisticated men, who likes to take care of his skin and beard. The products are conceived with men’s needs and taste in mind so that men can immediately identify themselves with the brand.

That being said, this seems to be the perfect brand to gift all men in our lives, right? But the question is: which Papillon product is best for each man in our lives?

Do not worry we got that covered for you! Father, brother, boyfriend or husband, we have a suggestion for each one.


Key benefits: hydrates, smooths wrinkles and firms the skin

Main components: Hyaluronic acid, Zinc Gluconate, Sodium deoxycholate

Papillon Anti-Age Tailored Cream is perfect for any father who likes to take care of his skin. This is a product for all skin types developed to act on skin aging, rejuvenating it. Its active ingredients provide skin regeneration and strengthening while reducing oxidative damage in cells. Therefore, this product gives firmness to the skin, smooths wrinkles, and leaves the skin more luminous and uniform. Plus, it contains a masculine fragrance to satisfy men’s taste.


Key benefits: hydrates the skin, beard and hair, refreshes and soothes

Main components: Mint, Vitamin E

Papillon Pure Mint Hair and Body Wash Shampoo is a very practical daily shampoo, that all brothers will love. It was developed for all types of hair and skin and it is a 3 in 1 since it can be used on hair, beard, and body. The formula is also suitable for discomfort on the scalp, such as itching. With a calming and soothing effect, it contains actives that help to clean and moisturize in-depth such as mint, mint, and vitamin E.


Key benefits: hydrates and regenerates the skin and beard, softens the beard and protects from sun ray’s

Main components: Rosehip

Papillon Serum Skin and Beard SPF 15 is a serum, suitable for all skin types, to apply every morning. This is the product that will make your boyfriend start to worry about his skin. It has a comfortable and non-oily texture and helps to protect the skin and beard from the action of the sun’s rays. With sun protection factor 15, it hydrates the skin in-depth and can be used in conjunction with daily anti-aging care. With a non-greasy texture, its application is pleasant.


Key benefits: engaging perfume with a masculine scent

Main components: Pink pepper, Tangerine, Rosemary, Vetiver, Elemi, Cedar, Woody, Amber, Moss, White Musk

Papillon Grove Eau de Parfum is the perfect perfume for men, suitable for all skin types. He will love it and you will love the perfume on him as well. With woody notes, a light aroma of white musk, vetiver, cedar, pink pepper, and mandarin flutters in the air. A true liquid, smooth, aromatic, and distinctive masculine essence. Its aroma will involve you on a journey about the true masculine essence.