Filorga is a French brand specialized in anti-aging care. Founded by the aesthetic physician Michel Tordjman in 1978, Filorga Laboratories initially started by formulating and producing injectables for aesthetic medicine. Only years later the brand started to make its aesthetic medicine knowledge available to the general public with the launch of a range of anti-aging cosmetics.

If you do not know the story behind this french luxury skincare brand, then stay with us as we tell you all about it!

Inspired by aesthetic medicine

Filorga Inspired by Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine is the birthplace of Filorga. This field of medicine includes non-invasive medical techniques performed to improve or correct physical appearance. And, even today, Filorga has a strong presence in this field with a branch with products for aesthetic medicine, called Fill Med.

With the expertise inherited from aesthetic medicine, Filorga encapsulated the hyaluronic acid used on the products. NCEF (New Cellular Encapsulated Factors), is the complex that encapsulates active ingredients used in injections in aesthetic medicine. So, this complex is also used by Filorga to formulate its skincare products. For example, it was used for the hyaluronic acid that besides having a molecular weight similar to the one used in fillers, has higher penetration on the skin when encapsulated.

The heritage of aesthetic medicine knowledge clearly distinguishes Filorga from other skincare brands. Moreover, the brand strongly focuses on anti-aging products with effective active ingredients and clinically proven results. Therefore, it is clear that innovation is on the DNA of this brand.

The anti-aging expertise

At the forefront of anti-aging care, the brand is present in more than 70 countries, so you probably came across Filorga before. In addition, there is a wide range of cosmetic products available from day creams, cleansing products, and sunscreens.

With a focus on anti-aging, from wrinkles to dark spots and luminosity, the products wish to provide an overall improvement of the skin. For instance, the products combine sensory textures, exquisite packaging, and delicate perfumes for a sensorial and luxurious experience.


This brand has many best-sellers, consensual among skincare lovers. We highlight the Filorga Optim-Eyes and Filorga Time-Filler ranges, as well as the NCEF Essence. However there are many more that we could talk about as the Filorga Global Repair range, a complete anti-aging range, or its new Flash-Nude foundations, with nude skin effect, The efficacy and indulgent textures of its products are worldwide known and loved.

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