It all began in a small parisian laboratory

Nuxe was founded by Aliza Jabès when, in 1990, she acquired a Parisian formulation laboratory. Aliza Jabès decided that it would be the beginning of a beauty brand with effective, sensorial, and natural ingredients, that would combine nature and luxury.

Nuxe is an internationally known brand, present in about 60 countries. With 45 patents. the brand’s products combine knowledge of science, nature and the senses, for a unique experience of beauty. Pioneer in cosmetics from natural origin, Nuxe is nowadays a worldwide known brand still led by its founder, Aliza.

A unique approach to beauty….

Products created and made in France, under a strict formulation charter, characterized by rich textures and delightful scents. They join a wide knowledge of science, nature, and the senses.

Nuxe Laboratoires are always looking for new safe and effective ingredients, especially in nature, to enrich its products. Plants are carefully selected according to its properties so that extracts can be obtained and incorporated in cosmetic formulations.

The brand tests the tolerance of each product under dermatological supervision on the skin and ensures its quality. Thus, it is possible to obtain safe and effective products without forgetting the importance of sensory properties. Therefore it is possible to develop unique products for a distinct beauty experience.

To prolong this experience, Nuxe has created a place where its philosophy commands: Nuxe spas. These are places to relax and appeal to the senses to have a truly unique beauty and wellness experience.

… and a strong commitment with nature

Nuxe products privileges plant-based ingredients in all its formulations. However, the brand is concerned about giving back to nature. That is why the concern about preserving natural resources goes through the entire chain of product development, from formulation to packaging.

In addition, the brand aspires to limit the environmental impact of the products and that is why there are rinse-off formulas 80% biodegradable and packagings made of recycled materials.

The brand is also involved in projects to protect bees and support access to drinking water in developing countries. Therefore, Nuxe is a brand with a strong relationship with nature, always working in a way to protect and preserve it.

Nuxe Cult Products

Nuxe created distinct skincare products for women and has many success stories to tell. The most iconic one is the Huile Prodigieuse in 1991, which has become a cult beauty product and the leading oil in pharmacies in France. Moreover, products as Rêve de Miel lip balm, Crème Fraîche de Beauté, and anti-aging skincare collections such as Nuxuriance Ultra are a true success.