After a haunting party like Halloween, a good night of sleep is in order. But first, let’s take all the make-up off! Well, the first rule of skincare is indeed never sleeping with make-up on. Especially when we have so much make-up on as on Halloween! It can, however, be tricky to remove such heavy Halloween make-up from the face and eyes. To help you in this task we have gathered some of our favorite make-up removers. So, it will be up to you to choose the best option for your skin and preferences. Let’s dive between micellar waters, cleansing oils, and milks.

Our selection of haunting make-up removers

Micellar Waters

Micellar waters are great to help remove make-up quickly and effectively. They contain these little micelles that emulsify impurities, dirt, and make-up to remove them. Apply it in a cotton pad and gently start removing your haunting make-up! You will see that there are options for all skin types, even for sensitive skin. We leave you here three suggestions:

Cleansing Milks

Cleansing milk always does a good job when removing make-up. They emulsify the products in order to gently remove them. Perhaps normal to dry skin and also sensitive skin will feel more comfortable using cleansing milk. However, all skin types are welcome to use them.

Cleansing Oils

If you have never tried a cleansing oil, then you don’t know just what you’re missing! Cleansing oils emulsify the make-up while you gently massage them on your skin and then when you rinse them off the skin is supple and soft. This is an indulgent make-up remover product that effectively helps you to clean your skin and take the party off. This oily texture may feel comfier to dry skin, but this does not mean that combination or oily skin cannot use it.

What if the skin is not completely clean?

With such heavy make-up as Halloween night asks for, you might feel the need to do a double cleanse. This means exactly: cleaning your face twice. And that is perfectly ok. You may choose to use a cleansing gel or foam after removing the make-up with micellar water, cleansing milk, or oil, for instance. What is really important is that your skin is perfectly clean before you go to sleep.

Have a great and haunting Halloween Night!