Hair loss can be a true concern, making us feel uncomfortable about our image and worried about our health. If you have just noticed that your hair is falling more than usual, check our previous article Why is my hair falling?. It will help you to better understand what is happening to you.

Then, it is time to take action. So, we prepared a selection of products that can help you fight this fight. Depending on the kind of hair loss and on gender, products may vary, however, some other will be common.

First, prepare the scalp!

A shampoo per se is not going to stop your hair from falling. Nevertheless, it can be an important ally in this journey. These shampoos that stimulate the scalp so that it is prepared to absorb and make the most of the products you will use afterwards. Plus, they also have the ability to strengthen the hair fibers. Therefore, shampoo is an important complement in this hair treatment. Let’s check three examples of these shampoos.

Then, attack the problem!

Here, the product you will choose depends on the type of hair fall you are experiencing. Therefore, try to understand what is happening in the first place and then start working on it. You can always seek further advice with your dermatologist or pharmacist on this matter, to help you make a choice.

Reactional Hair Loss

We have selected three ampoules that target reactional hair loss. It is more common in women than men and that is why some products specifically target women. These ampoules can usually be applied on wet or dry scalp and it is not necessary to rinse after the application. The treatment should be performed consistently for a minimum of three months so that results are visible.

Progressive Hair Loss

Unlike the reactional loss of hair, progressive is more common in men, however, it can affect women as well. As this condition has different causes, different products are developed to fight it. Here you have our selection of ampoules to help you attack this condition.

Insider’s tip

To help you get a complete treatment, some brands have very interesting packs and coffrets. You might want to take a look at these when you decide to invest in a hair loss treatment. These packs can help you save some money, so don’t miss out on them!

Anything else?

Well…yes. There are a few other things you can use to help:

  • An oral supplement – it can fortify the hair and stimulate hair growth.
  • A leave-in product – there are many serums and sprays you can apply on the scalp, to intercalate with the ampoules. They keep the scalp stimulated to promote hair growth and improve its strength.
  • For other tips, you can start doing today, check our post Why is my hair falling?.