This month we are highlighting three self-tanners that promote a natural and gradual tan. Thanks to these products, your skin will gain a golden-brown tone one day at a time. If you have light skin color or if you do not like to expose yourself to the sun, but you dream of a tanned skin tone, a self-tanner is the ideal choice for you! They will help you achieve your desired skin tone without the inconveniences and risks or exposing to the sun or going to a solarium.

So, be welcome to our self-tanners selection! Let’s find out more about these products!

Frezyderm Bronze Water Color Mist

Key benefits: promotes a natural and progressive tan and provides antioxidant protection

Main components: DHA and Self Tanning Pigments

Frezyderm Bronze Water Color Mist is a self-tanning spray-mist water for face and body that promotes a natural tan and a progressive tan without sun exposure. Therefore, it is perfect for those who want a year-round brown tone with maximum comfort. Moreover, it is ideal for tan-hard skin, sun-intolerant skin and sensitive skin. For instance, this product can also be used in vitiligo and as a solarium substitute. The combined action of DHA with self-tanning pigments activates melanin, promoting a prolonged tan.

Bioderma Photoderm Autobronzant Tanning Spray

Key benefits: moisturizes, provides a gradual tan and dries quickly

Main components: Cellular Bioprotection™, DHA and Pentyleneglycol

Bioderma Photoderm Autobronzant Tanning Spray is a self-tanning moisturizing mist that gives a gradual tan. In addition, it provides internal protection by enhancing the natural defense mechanisms of the skin thanks to the Cellular Bioprotection™ patent. Moreover, it has a unique multidirectional diffusion system for simple and practical 360 ° application. Subsequently, it does not stain and dries quickly.

La Roche-Posay Autohelios Gel-Cream Self-Tanner

Key benefits: soothing, antioxidant, hydrates for 8 hours and provides a gradual and even tan

Main components: DHA and La Roche Posay Thermal Water

La Roche Posay Autohelios Gel-Cream Self-Tanner is a creamy and easy to spread self-tanner. In other words, this product provides a gradual and natural-looking tan. Plus, it is also suitable for sensitive skin, which is soothed thanks to Thermal Water in its composition. It also provides 8 hours of hydration, which helps to get a more even tan.