From Germany to the world

Eucerin belongs to the German Beiersdorf group. Beiersdorf started by the hands of Paul C. Beiersdorf in his pharmacy, in Hamburg, Germany, when we filed a patent for a new medical dressing in 1882. Later on, he sold the company to another pharmacist, Oscar Troplowitz. He started then to produce products with the Beiersdorf brand name. The company worked in close collaboration with the dermatologist Paul Gerson Unna who performed scientific research on skin,

Back in 1900, Isaac Lifschütz, a chemist. filed a patent for Eucerit, an emulsifying agent. This agent was the base for the development of the first time stable water-in-oil emulsions.

The properties of the emulsions obtained with Eucerit really impressed Prof. Unna. Therefore Eucerit became the basis of the Beiersdorf products. Isaac Lifschütz joined Beiersdorf as a chemist in 1911.

However only in 1950, a new Eucerin product was launched, the pH5 Eucerin Ointment. And from this time on the brand maintained scientific research on the basis of its skincare products. This has allowed them to develop new products truly groud-breaking.

Nowadays, Eucerin is still committed to scientific research on skin, its properties, functions, and conditions. This allows the brand to develop effective and safe skincare products for many different skin conditions,

Eucerin Philosophy

The brand’s philosophy is based on working with dermatologists and promoting scientific research on the skin. This way, they are able to use the latest technological and scientific innovations to develop high dermatological and cosmetic quality products. Therefore, the goal is to create products that present effective solutions to skin conditions, pleasant to use, and that enhance beauty and well-being.

Skincare products

Well-known for its innovative research, Eucerin has many solutions to fight skin aging signs, from wrinkles to loss of firmness and elasticity. For instance, the Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler range acts on the improvement of skin elasticity and hydration. In addition, there is an entire range dedicated to dark spots, the Eucerin Anti-Pigment products.

Nevertheless, the brand does not forget that specific skincare concerns as sensitive skin and atopic skin or acne also deserve special attention. Therefore, Eucerin carefully developed answers for each skin issue from acne, with the Eucerin Dermopure range, or to atopic dermatitis, with the Eucerin AtopiControl products.

Bodycare products

Recognizing the importance of hydration for healthy skin, the brand has hydrating solutions for the daily care of the whole body. Whether your skin is extremely dehydrated, irritated, cracked, or undernourished, this brand worked on solutions to restore and replenish the skin barrier. The most well-known range is the Eucerin pH5, created in 1950. This range survived through the times being a reference in skin hydration.

Suncare products

Knowing that the sun is of extreme importance for our health however, the brand developed face and body sunscreens adapted to different skin needs. There are options for the entire family and for all texture preferences.

Men Skincare

The brand is also known for its men skincare range. Eucerin men’s skincare products were developed with the specific needs of men in mind. For instance, there are anti-aging to shaving products, a complete range dedicated to men’s needs and preferences.