30th of July – International Day of Friendship

On the 30th of July, we celebrate the International Day of Friendship! This United Nations International Day wishes to celebrate and encourage the establishment of friendship and camaraderie bonds. Friendship helps to develop and defend human solidarity and trust and respect between individuals.

So, we though what better way to celebrate this day than giving a meaningful gift to your best friend?!

To help you choose a gift, we have selected 5 hair care products we think your BFF will love and that show how much you care about them. Whether they have a very texturized hair or long straight hair, if they love to stay at the beach for hours or if they have a crazy schedule that leaves them almost no time for friend gatherings, here you will find a good option that fits your best friend.

1. Hair sunscreen

For the friend who loves to go to the beach or to the swimming pool, Nuxe Sun Protective Milky Oil for Hair is the obvious choice. It is a sun care product for all hair types that moisturizes, repairs and protects the hair from sun, salt and chlorine. This is the ideal product for your friend to take on the beach bag and reapply during the day. Contains 83% of ingredients from natural origin and a characteristic fragrance that will automatically transport you to a vacation mood.

2. Detangling serum

Your best friend is always complaining about how hard it is to detangle their hair?Well, wrap a René Furterer Naturia Extra Gentle Detangling Spray for them! It is a hair spray for all hair types and specially formulated for hair that is difficult to comb and detangle. This spray facilitates combing since it moisturizes the hair in depth leaving it soft and smooth. Therefore the hairbrush will gently slide through your friend’s hair, returning joy to the moment of brushing the hair.

3. Texturized hair styling cream

If your friend has texturized or unruly hair, worry not! Phyto Phytospecific Moisturizing Styling Cream is here to help! This cream is ideal for dry hair since it is a light cream that moisturizes, nourishes and gives flexibility to the hair. It allows fixing the hair while also protecting it. The perfect gift to make your friend’s life easier.

4. Dry shampoo

This one is ideal for the friend with the busiest schedule, who is always in a hurry. Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk gently cleans the hair, eliminating sebum, dirt and odors and providing freshness to the hair between two washes, leaving the hair cleaned, with volume and texture. It is great to give a better look to the hair after an entire workday, before a dinner out. Or even when we over-sleep and there is no time for a proper hair wash before going to work.

5. Hair ties

All girls love having a nice hair tie around for whenever they have a bad hair day, when the day is to hot or just because they are feeling a ponytail! Invisibobble Sprunchie with Shiny Velvet Purrfection is a cute spiral-shaped hair band, wrapped in velvet, that does not mark the hair. So, it is perfect for your friend to carry on the purse and combine with a more casual or chic look.

Will you take this opportunity to surprise your best friend? Let us know all about it!