Truth be told, it is always summer somewhere in the world. So it is always in order to talk about beach essentials. If you are at the beach right now, grab your bag and check if you have these 5 essentials! If it is not summer where you are, just take notes while we go through this list, we promise it will be worth it!

1. Face Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the obvious must-have when going to the beach, however it is never too much to remember you should avoid leaving your sunscreen exposed to the sun. In addition, keep in mind that it should be applied about 30 minutes before sun exposure and reapplied every two hours or after going for a swim.

There are many options when it comes to face sunscreens from the most simple formulations to products that combine sun filters with anti-aging ingredients. The choice depends on your skin type and condition and on your preferences regarding texture, fragrance, or even other issues you would like to address, like wrinkles or dark spots.

2. Body Sunscreen

A body sunscreen is of course a must-have as well. As the face sunscreen, it should be applied about 30 minutes before sun exposure and reapplied every two hours or after going for a swim. There are all kinds of formulations from creams and lotions to oils and mists. Here too the choice depends on your preference and also if you have any skin issue as sensitive or atopic skin. In these cases, you should choose a sunscreen specific for this condition.

3. Lip Balm

The lips are just as exposed to the sun as the rest of our face, so a lip balm with sunscreen is important to protect them. Also, the lips can get very dry from an entire day at the beach and the lip balm can provide just the necessary hydration so that they are comfortable and soft.

4. Hair Sunscreen

Even if we use a hat or cap, the hair will be exposed to the sun and seawater. Therefore a complete beach bag does not miss a hair sunscreen. These products hydrate the hair and also protect it from the aggressions caused by UV rays and salted seawater. They can be applied before sun exposure and reapplied as many times as needed to keep the hair healthy and beautiful.

5. Hair Brush

After a nice swim in the sea the hair tends to get tangled and difficult to comb and style. Also, when there is wind at the beach the hair is also likely to get tangled. So, a hairbrush is a small good that we should always carry on our beach bag to comb the hair leaving it soft and smooth.

Do you have these 5 essentials on your beach bag? Is there any other beauty product you can’t go to the beach without? Let us know all about it!