It all began with a passionate man

Patrick Alès is the man behind Phyto and also the one who invented the “blow-dry”. In the 1950s the hairdresser worked in a salon in Paris when he noticed the harm caused by the hair products on the hairdressers’ hands. Passionate by nature, he decided to look for a solution in the power of plants. He started then developing Phyto 7 and Huile d’Alès, two cult products from the brand. In 1969, Patrick Alès founded the Phytosolba Laboratoires and Phyto was born.

I fell in love with this job that beautifies women

Patrick Alès

Patrick Alès is not only the founder of Phyto but also a pioneer in using the power of plants to treat the hair. Nowadays the brand has a rich herbarium that backs up its scientific approach to plants. Phyto research teams include many scientists that work in collaboration with scientific societies and hospitals to develop the most effective active ingredients and therefore innovative products.


Phyto = plants, thera = care, thrie = hair

Phytothératrie is an innovative concept, created by the founder of Phyto, in 1967. It refers to the treatment of hair through plants, with care and respect. Phytothératrie is inseparable from the brand.

“Primum, Non-Nocere”

“First, do no warm” this is the phrase that moves and guides Patrick Alès in the development of Phyto’s products.

Phyto benefits from a unique savoir-faire in the formulation of hair care products. The brand produces its own plant extracts through a quite unique extraction method to obtain the most active part of the plant. There is a strong concern with the texture of the formulas to make them pleasant and comfortable and also an effort to reduce the preservatives in the formulas. In addition, the brand tests both the safety and efficacy of the products to ensure they have the desired performance and tolerance.

Phyto’s products are overall 95 % natural however, they can go until the 100% natural as it is the case of Phytopolléine, a vegetable elixir. The brand combines science and nature to develop innovative, pleasant and effective haircare products.

Phyto’s Hair Care Philosophy

Phyto suggests a very specific haircare philosophy, a ritual in five steps, based on the care of both hair and scalp. For this brand beautiful hair only exists if the scalp is healthy. This is a timeless haircare ritual that treats the hair from the roots to the ends to leave it healthy and beautiful.

1. Pre-Shampoo

This is the first step of the haircare routine according to Phyto’s philosophy. It consists in a product applied on the dry scalp and/or hair, before washing. The pre-shampoo products can have a hydrating, nourishing or repairing action, for example.

2. Shampoo

The second step is washing the hair and therefore the corresponding product is shampoo. Phyto has shampoos for many scalp and hair conditions from dry to oily scalp, hair loss or lack of hair density. The brand also developed cleansing care products to wash the hair more gently, without foaming.

3. Rinse-Off Haircare

After the shampoo, comes the conditioner or mascara adapted to each hair type and condition. Whether the hair lengths and ends are dry and damaged, color-treated or need to be hydrated and plumped, there is a solution in Phyto.

4. Leave-In Haircare

The fourth step is more dedicated to the daily care of hair lengths and ends, to hydrate, nourish and protect them.

5. Styling

The last step of the ritual is about styling products. They help to model and fixate your hairstyle and even protect the hair. The wide variety of styling and finishing products reflects the great knowledge of the art of hairstyle, inherited from Patrick Alès.

Cult Products

Phyto has left its mark on the history of hair care thanks to the many cult products that it has developed over the years. Some examples are the Phyto 7 day cream (1968), Phytoplage hair oil (1974), Phytophanère hair and nails supplement (1988), or the Phytoprogenium probiotic shampoo (2006).