The roots of Uriage

Uriage has its roots on the village of Uriage-les-Bains in France, where a thermal spring was discovered centuries ago by the Romans. There, a thermal center was build and later on, it became a famous thermal spa village.

In 1992, Uriage Dermatological Laboratories were founded with the thermal water in the heart of its products. The thermal water is enriched with vitamins and minerals, therefore it has soothing and hydrating properties among other proven dermatological benefits. In addition, the brand combines the properties of the ancient thermal water with high tech ingredients and the latest skincare trends to obtain well-tolerated products prescribed by dermatologists.

Uriage Thermal Water

With its roots in the French Alps, Uriage Thermal Water is an active, isotonic and protective water. It is enriched with minerals and trace elements as it flows through the rocks. Therefore it has a unique mineral composition that reinforces the barrier of the skin.

This thermal water has clinically proven health and beauty benefits. It soothes, moisturizes and protects the skin and is perfect to fix make-up, for aftershave, after a dermatological procedure, in case of dermatosis or sun erythema, for example. The Uriage Thermal Water is collected and packed on the production site near the water source to guarantee that it keeps all its benefits.

Dermatological Expertise

Uriage allies its knowledge on the thermal water properties with scientific research on active ingredients to obtain innovative dermocosmetic products. Its products are recommended by dermatologists and pharmacists all over the world.

Formulating innovative products with a strict quality charter to solve all skin issues from acne to rosacea or atopic skin, with the most pleasant formulas, at any age.

Uriage counts with more than 20 years of experience in formulating dermatological products and almost 200 years of thermal water knowledge gathered by the Uriage Thermal Centre. The brand is present on the daily routine of many families in more than 70 countries.

Uriage Skincare

Uriage skincare products gather the best from the health and beauty properties of the thermal water and the innovation conveyed by well-known skincare ingredients and new textures and new approaches to skincare. The brand has face and body products for the entire family and for a wide range of skin issues. Plus it also counts with an entire baby skincare range and a great range of sun care products.


The brand has solutions for sensitive and irritated skin, dry skin, oily skin, desquamation, itching, wrinkles or dark spots, all of them with thermal water. These products are formulated to be well tolerated by even the most sensitive and intolerant skin. They contain the minimum ingredients required to be effective and highly tolerated. Uriage developed all kinds of formulations, hydrating creams, cleansing products, skin masks and thermal waters, and organized them by ranges directed for each skin type and condition.


Known for its body products, the brand developed well-tolerated options for the sensitive and dry skin of the body. The products generally have a rich texture and are very emollient to provide great comfort to the skin. Uriage products are especially interesting for skin with dermatological conditions as atopic dermatitis, pruritus or xerosis.

Uriage Baby Skincare

Dermatological and soothing products for the sensitive and fragile skin of babies. This is a complete skincare range enriched with thermal water dedicated to the daily hygiene of the baby’s skin. These products can and should be used since the first day.

Uriage Suncare

For babies, children, adults or for the entire family, Uriage has developed a sunscreen solution for all. The brand has a wide range of sun care products from mineral to water-resistant sunscreens and repairing after-sun products. There is a texture and a solution for everyone.