We are living hard times where we are constantly facing new challenges, as a society and as individuals. One of them is our hand hygiene. The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly taken our handwashing habit to a new level. It has always been important to wash hands frequently, but now it is more important than ever. In addition to washing our hands more than usual, we also acquired the habit of sanitizing the hands with alcohol-gel. The effects of these new habits on our skin were not long-awaited: dry, cracked, rough or peeling skin of the hands suddenly became a reality.

Why are my hands so dry?

Washing the hands too frequently, even though is great for hygiene, removes the oils naturally present on the skin. Stripping away these components of the skin causes the feeling of dryness, roughness and even the desquamation. The skin gets cracked and damaged and in that case, washing and sanitizing the hands become uncomfortable and you risk not doing it so often as you should.

Therefore it is imperative to repair and protect the skin of the hands to keep it healthy. So hand care does not end on hand wash neither on sanitizing the hands with alcohol-gel. It goes way further than that.

Moisturizing the hands is the best way to protect and repair the skin at all times, so its time to start using hand cream!

How can I treat my hands?

Choose a hand cream

Hand cream is a precious help to keep the skin healthy. They have moisturizing, nourishing, soothing and repairing ingredients that maintain the skin’s integrity and barrier function. When choosing a hand cream make sure to look for very hydrating and nourishing ingredients as glycerin, urea, ceramides or shea butter and also soothing and repairing ingredients as panthenol, niacinamide and allantoin. If you have sensitive skin or cracked skin, choose a cream without fragrance to avoid any undesirable reaction.

Hydrate immediately after washing

The hand cream can be applied whenever you want but it should especially be applied after washing the hands. And we mean, every time you wash the hands. This way you will restore the hydration and lipids stripped away when washing. Also, it will help to keep the pH balance of the skin.

Get one small hand cream and have it with you all the time: at home, at work, on the car…so that you never forget to apply it.

Little tricks

To protect the skin, you can use gloves while cleaning the house, dishwashing or when performing any other task that requires detergents. This way the skin is protected from direct contact with the detergents.

If your hands are too dry and rough, try applying hand cream before going to bed and wearing cotton gloves on top overnight. The cream will stay on the skin all night and with the occlusion promoted by the gloves, it will work wonders for your skin.

There are also some hand masks you can use even overnight to help the skin recover. These masks consist of gloves soaked in cream, for instance, the Neutrogena Cica-Repair Hand Mask.

Wash your hands, moisturize them, but most important, Stay Safe!