What are wrinkles?

Skin aging is characterized by the alteration of some skin features, starting on the skin’s composition, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles, sagging or dull skin.

In what concerns wrinkles, they develop during the skin aging process and consist of creased skin with grooves. Wrinkles usually appear on the face, neck and cleavage and are caused by the natural aging process and influenced by genetic factors. However, this process can be accelerated by some other factors as excessive sun exposure and sunburns, smoking, skin dehydration, environment, especially pollution, and some medication.

Knowing the factors that accelerate the skin aging process, it is only wise that we try to minimize these factors in order to delay the appearance of wrinkles. Prevention is the keyword!

When should I start using an anti-aging cream?

There is no age number when we should start wearing anti-aging products. Keep the focus on preventing until the first wrinkles appear. When they do, don’t go buying an entire skincare range of absolute anti-aging products. Start slow and choose according to your skin type and needs. Nevertheless, there is no harm to start using anti-aging products without visible wrinkles or sagging, you may start doing it in your twenties, it is up to you.

Anti-wrinkles and anti-aging products, in general, will mostly hydrate the skin for a plumping and filling effect and smooth the wrinkles, improving the skin texture. Some areas of the face might need some special attention as the lips eye contour since the skin of this area is different, which creates the need for specific products.

Get ready to fight… the wrinkles!

The power of serums

Serums are great in anti-aging care because they are super concentrated in powerful active ingredients and can even potentiate the absorption and action of your cream. Whatever your skin type, a serum is a plus and will leave your skin comfortable. So, the serum is the step you do not want to miss on your skincare routine.

The everyday cream

After the serum, apply a cream or fluid adapted to your skin type so that you will be comfortable all day long. Besides looking for a product adequated for your skin type, pay also attention to your skin needs…and this is where it can get confusing. There are lots of different options, some for the first wrinkles, others for more accentuated wrinkles and even others that are a full anti-aging pack meaning that they target not only wrinkles but also sagging and uneven skin tone. The trick is knowing your skin needs, if you have few wrinkles that have appeared recently, then a product for first wrinkles is a good option, however if your skin is dull and fatigued perhaps you could benefit from a product that provides luminosity. So, skin type and skin needs are the two things you have to keep in mind!

Eye contour specials

Eye contour skin is different, thinner, that the rest of the face, so different textures and concentrations of ingredients are required. In this area is very common to see wrinkles known by “crow’s feet” and this is exactly what anti-aging eye creams are targeting.

Anti-aging lip contours

As the skin of the eye contour, the skin of the lips is also different, so different products are developed to attenuate anti-aging signs. As with aging the lips tend to get thinner, lip contours usually contain ingredients that help to fill and plump the lips. Plus they hydrate and regenerate to leave the skin flexible and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are wrinkles?

Wrinkles develop during the skin aging process and consist of creased skin with grooves. Wrinkles usually appear on the face, neck and cleavage.

What causes wrinkles?

Wrinkles are caused by the natural aging process, and are influenced by genetic factors. However this process can be accelerated by some other factors:
– Excessive sun exposure and sunburns
– Smoking
– Skin dehydration
– Environment, especially pollution
– Some medication