Easter is a special time, a time for family meetings or vacations for some and egg hunts for others. We have decided to start a hunt for some indulgent beauty products that at first might not seem essential, but will certainly level up your skincare game.

Let’s open three Easter Eggs and see what beauty treats they have inside!

Essences | Korean Beauty Secret

Essences are one of the many beauty secrets Korean women have kept for years. They are a true treasure for the skin since they are highly concentrated in active ingredients to balance, hydrate and comfort the skin.

An Essence is not a serum, nor a cleanser, neither is it a toner. It is a water lotion filled with hydrating and anti-aging active ingredients not so highly concentrated as in a serum. Western brands have spotted this unexplored beauty paradise and developed their own versions of Korean essences.

Lierac Hydragenist Morning Moisturizing Mist is a hydrating and plumping mist inspired by the Asian essences. Applied every morning after cleansing the skin, it energizes and reinforces the skin while also filling-in the skin for an anti-aging effect.

Essences have both hydrating and anti-aging actions that come together in a luxurious product. It combines immediate and long-lasting actions to leave the skin more resistant and feeling comfortable.

Lashes & Brows Serum | Stay alert!

It may seem that this is not an important skincare product, however, if you have thin, weak or short eyelashes or eyebrows, you know just how important it can get.

These serums were developed to strengthen the lashes and brows, helping to stop hair fall and thickening the hair. This way eyelashes and eyebrows will look fuller and healthier.

Filorga Optim-Eyes Lashes and Brows is nourishing daily care that densifies and strengthens the eyelashes and the eyebrows. If you have thin, weak and falling lashes or brows, this serum is for you. With 2 applicators, one eyeliner brush for precise application of serum to improve density and length, and a brush on the other side to help coat the lashes and brows with a nourishing and thickening serum.

Eyelashes and eyebrows serums are extraordinary to help improve the appearance since lashes and brows are the frame of the eyes.

Body Oil | Luxurious Body Care

Body oil is the best and most indulgent thing you can ask for when it comes to hydrate and nourish body skin. Even if you are not a fan of the texture, you can already find dry oils that are quickly absorbed leaving only a feeling of hydrated skin.

The plus of these oils is that most of them can also be applied on the hair to nourish and give it a natural glow. Whether it is winter and your skin is in desperate need for a nourishing care or it is Summer and you have just had the best beach day and need to repair and hydrate the skin, body oils are a top choice. What else could we ask for?

Jowaé Nourishing Dry Oil is a deeply nourishing and moisturizing oil, which can be applied to the skin and hair. Despite its oil texture, it leaves a dry touch on the skin, hydrates and provides flexibility and luminosity to the skin. This oil is also ideal for dry and damaged hair, leaving it shiny and healthy.

Whether you are or not a fan of the oil texture, oils are great to nourish and leave the skin soft and supple, as we all wish for.

Now all you have to do is to take the time to try these Easter beauty eggs and you will for sure feel that Easter has never been so sweet!

Have a beautiful and nice Easter!