While stay home or work from home might seem a nice treat to have every once in a while, it may also lead us to neglect our beauty routine, especially if we have to do it for long periods. Keeping the usual beauty routine might seem like a challenge, but stay consistent and focus and it will be fine.

So, whether you work from home on a regular basis or you have to stay home for a long period, we have gathered some beauty essentials and some beauty-related things you can do at home that will help the time pass faster.

Keep your beauty routine as usual

Cleansing is not negotiable

Even if you stay at home, your skin will still produce oiliness, perspiration and some impurities might adhere to it, so it is not negotiable to cleanse every day. Keep your cleansing, as usual, morning and evening, to make sure your skin is clean and purified and ready to make the best from your skincare products.

If you stay home for long periods, keep cleansing every day, using a gentle cleanser, adapted to your skin type, that respects the skin and does not dehydrate it.

Hydration is the key

Hydration cannot be missed so as to keep the skin healthy and balanced. Wear your moisturizer every day, morning and evening, to keep your skin hydrated, plumped and elastic… comfortable for spending the day at home.

Desk essentials

Trust the mists

Something you can always have on your desk are face mists. Even if you hydrate your skin every day religiously, it might get a little dehydrated during the day. A face mist will keep your skin radiant, fresh and luminous… plus, one spray is the perfect way to wake you up when you are feeling more tired and unproductive.

Hand cream is essential

During the day we wash our hands very often and they can get dry and even crack if we do not hydrate them. So, keep your hand cream on your desk, because this way you will look at it just enough not to forget to apply it throughout the day.

Take advantage of being at home

Mask, mask and mask again

If you are staying home or working from home, perhaps this is a good time to try that mask you have bought a while ago and never had the time to apply, remember?

So, mask, mask and mask again… combine masks according to your skin needs. You can apply more than one mask at the same time if different areas of your face have different needs. If you have combination skin, probably you will benefit from applying a purifying mask on the T-zone and maybe a moisturizing one on the cheeks. If you are concerned with skin aging, perhaps you should try a brightening or anti-aging mask. Nowadays, there are many options so the best advice is to listen to your skin needs.

And don’t forget the hair

While applying a mask on the face, why not take the opportunity to also apply a hair mask?

If your hair is damaged and with split ends, a nourishing and repairing mask will be perfect. On the other hand, if your hair is devitalized and thin, and energizing and plumping mask will do wonders for your hair. Color-treated hair can also benefit from a mask, that enhances the color and shine of the hair and makes the color last longer.

It is up to you to meet your skin needs and take advantage of home time to boost your skin and hair!