Inspiring Women who founded their beauty brands

Three inspiring women, who founded their own and successful beauty brands: Beautyblender, Caudalie and Nuxe. By now you probably know them, but it is never too much to remember who they are and their road to success.

On International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate these fearless and beautiful women! Let them inspire you.


“Get the base right. No one should say “oh, your foundation looks good.” Instead, people should be saying, “Wow, your skin looks incredible.”

Rea Ann Silva, Founder

Rea Ann Silva was a make-up artist in Hollywood, working in movies, editorials and tv series. Around the 1990s, when the first HD shows started to be shot, she faced a challenge: in high-definition, even pores would be seen on camera, so make-up would have to be adapted. She created then a prototype of the Beautyblender, by cutting the edges of the sponges she had at the time and wet the sponge before applying make-up.

As she used the sponge in more and more artists, they started to ask for these revolutionary sponges for themselves and Rea Ann saw a business opportunity. She started working on a prototype with a laboratory and wanted it to be hot pink as we know it today so that it would stand out. Well, it did! Nowadays, everyone recognizes a Beautyblender from distance.

A story of vision, work and success!


“I am personally committed to every formula: Every week I test dozens of formulas to choose the most effective and sensorial ones.” 

Mathilde Thomas, Founder

Mathilde Thomas and her husband, Bertrand, met Professor Joseph Vercauteren, at the vineyard of her family’s property, Château Smith Haut Lafitte in France, back in 1993. In that encounter, the Professor from the Pharmacy University of Bordeaux told them that they were wasting a treasure. That was when Mathilde and Bertrand understood the antioxidant potential of the grape seeds. They started working on three products taking advantage of the treasures hidden in the vineyards.

In 1995, these first products with grape seed polyphenols, that still exist today, were launched and Caudalie was born. Caudalie is a name with a meaning, it is a wine term that designates the unit of measurement of the duration of wine aromas in the mouth after tasting. Ever since Mathilde has been dedicated to the formulation and branding of new products, trying every product with particular attention to the fragrances.

A story of viticulture, love and encounters!


“Instinct is the new power. A strength that we all should listen to, celebrate and nurture. Instinct is where beauty comes from. “

Aliza Jabès, Founder

Aliza Jabès has founded Nuxe when she acquired a small Parisian laboratory of Research and Development, back in 1990. She decided that it would be the beginning of a beauty brand with effective, sensorial and natural ingredients, that would combine nature and luxury.

Pioneer in cosmetics from natural origin, Nuxe is nowadays a worldwide brand led by Aliza, a female entrepreneur. She developed the brand to be ultra-feminine and luxurious but with a pharmaceutical approach.

A story of strength, inspiration and determination!