When and Where it all began

Vichy is a brand born in the thermal village Vichy-les-Bains, in the region of the Auvergne volcanoes, in France. Founded by Dr. Prosper Haller M.D., Director of Vichy Thermal Centre, and George Guérin, a perfumer, in 1931, when Dr. Haller discovered the properties of Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Spring Water. Dr. Haller was a pioneer in cosmetics, having developed the 1st serum for pharmacy and the first range of Vichy formulas for each skin type.

Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Spring Water

This water is rich in 15 minerals and nutrients with properties proven in the health and beauty of the skin. Vichy Mineralizing Water is a 100% natural, pure and active resource, collected in a protected area, full of benefits that reinforces the skin’s defenses against daily aggressions. It is recognized worldwide as one of the richest thermal waters and is the main active ingredient of Vichy products.

Vichy product’s specifications

The brand develops and manufactures all products in France and analyses every batch of products manufactured to ensure its quality. Prioritizing ingredients from natural origin and with safety and efficacy proven results is a choice of the brand to guarantee that the products achieve the desired effects.

All the brand ingredients are hypoallergenic, and all products are tested to limit the risk of allergies and to be tolerated by sensitive skin. However, in compliance with the European Regulation, Vichy does not test on animals. The brand seeks to apply the best of scientific research and innovate in the sensoriality of products to achieve the most pleasant textures.

A Strong Concern with sustainability

With its origin in a natural resource, Vichy Thermal Spring, the brand understands the need for preserving the environment. It has been a goal of the brand to do its best for environmental sustainability.

The brand is then committed with:

  • Following-up on all the ingredients from natural origin until the provider, to know its origin
  • Medium biodegradability of the formulas being 91%
  • Packaging becoming more eco-friendly, without compromising the formulas, by using some recycled materials and packing card 100% FSC certified
  • Reducing the environmental footprint
  • Guaranteeing the sustainability of the thermal springs

Vichy Skincare

Vichy is known for its skincare products adapted for all skin types that not only are effective on skin problems but also improve skin quality. Among its most renowned ranges are the Minèral 89 a hydrating range full of Vichy Thermal Water, Aqualia Thermal with strong hydrating properties, Liftactiv an anti-aging range promising to lift your skin and Normaderm a specific range for combination to oily adult skin.

Vichy Make-Up

Nowadays Vichy is also recognized for its concern with not only treating the skin but also helping to hide skin imperfections and achieve beautiful and healthy skin. For that, you can rely on the ranges Minéralblend, Dermablend, Naturalblend and Liftactiv Flexiteint. With foundations, correctors, concealers, compact powders and lipsticks, the brand is declaring itself as a reference in the care of skin with imperfections.

Vichy Dercos

Vichy Dercos develops hair care products with proven efficacy and safety. Innovative solutions for problems like hair loss, dandruff, dry hair or sensitive scalp, that do not compromise the beauty of the hair and are recommended by dermatologists. Vichy hair care products are known to be effective solutions for specific problems, Densi-solutions is perfect for thin and devitalized hair, Aminexil is the answer to hair loss and Ultra Soothing is all a sensitive scalp can ask for.

Dercos Nutrients

Dercos Nutrients is a range of Vichy hair products based on natural ingredients highly concentrated in nutrients to achieve the hair’s right balance in essential nutrients. The brand has developed well-tolerated hair care products that respect the health and the environment, with recycled packaging material.