This is the perfect time for winter holidays and it usually means one thing: snow trip! Days surrounded by white landscapes at a ski resort that make you feel apart from the rest of the world, and cold nights with clear sky to count the stars while holding a cup of hot chocolate. Seems like the dream holidays to rest your mind and soul.

So, it is time to pack, what will you take with you? Warm jackets, ski boots and snow equipment are not all you need to hit the slopes. The low temperatures and the snow can be harsh on the skin, so dear skiers and snowboarders stay with me as we go through what you should pack on your cosmetic bag for your winter holidays.

Skincare checklist for a snow trip

Hydration is the key for healthy face skin

While you ski, snowboard or take a nice walk on the snow, your face will most likely be the most exposed area of the body. The cold can leave the skin quite dehydrated and rough, so it is important to pack a nice and rich face moisturizer to apply every night. While you sleep, the skin will recover from the wind and cold aggressions to be fully ready in the morning.

And for healthy body skin too…

Even though it is not exposed to the sun, the skin of the body will require special attention during your vacation, even more if you are a fan of winter sports. Keep the skin hydrated and comfortable all day long with a good and melting body moisturizer. Apply it every morning to prep your skin to face an entire day gliding down the slopes.

Hand cream matters

The hands will need a little extra help facing the cold weather, as they will be rather exposed to the cold. Hydrate them as many times as you wish to prevent them from cracking or even getting injured. Before putting on your snow gloves, don’t forget to apply the hand cream.

Sunscreen is essential

You might be asking yourself why you should use sunscreen if you are going to a cold snow trip. The truth is the UV might be just as strong as if you were going to the beach, plus it is reflected by the snow, so sun protection is mandatory to avoid a sunburn. You will most likely be out all day, so do not forget to take your sunscreen with you and to reapply it as many times as needed. Chose a sunscreen adequate to your skin type and if you like winter spots you can always select a sport sunscreen, that does not drip and is sweat resistant.

Lips are important as well

As said before, the face is probably the area of the body most exposed to the cold and nobody likes dry and chapped lips that leave you uncomfortable. The solution is to carry with you a lip balm to apply during the day, even better if it has sun protection. Your lips will thank you for this extra care!

Don’t forget the skin repairing balm

Even if you are a skincare fan that definitely will pamper the skin during the snow trip, you might want to pack one last thing: a skin repairing balm. It will help you in case your skin is irritated or even if it cracks due to the low temperatures.

With these products on your cosmetic bag, you will for sure return home from vacation with soft and hydrated skin. You are all set in skincare now, so just pack your snow equipment and get ready to hit the slopes and enjoy the winter holidays.